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What is


Cloud storage built for musicians

Get 4GB of storage free on sign up. Boombox offers enough space to house those big WAV files, simple playback & playlist features so you can listen anywhere, and automatic version history on lyric & audio files.


Share time-specific notes on audio files

The days of communicating through long email chains and text threads are over. Select a specific time stamp or an entire region of an audio file to comment on. Comment with voice memos or written text.


Simple song
splits & legally
legit contracts

You shouldn’t have to rely on an expensive attorney or an online template to lock in song ownership. boombox offers a simple tool to build splits, then push them to a contract everyone can sign in just a few clicks.


Collaborative A.I. to get your project moving

Making music is too primal and much too personal to be outsourced to a robot. But AI can make your creative process cooler, faster, smarter. Boombot can help you spitball lyrics, song titles, even generate chord progressions and MIDI files for you to get started with.

And much more

iOS and Android apps for working on-the-go

Play audio files on any system that connects to your phone. Download for iOS or Android Comment & collaborate from anywhere. Get your shit done on the go!

All of your collabs, all in one place

Create as many projects inside boombox as you want, even with our free plan. Invite different collaborators, comment on audio files, dial in custom song splits for each track, assign tasks and upload files specific to each project.

Simple file versioning for your mixes

Ever just lose an old bounce of a mix? The worst. boombox offers simple file versioning so you can organize your mixes chronologically. Easily pull up old feedback or download a previous mix any time.

“ has allowed me and my collaborators to keep our notes for songs in one organized place rather than an endless stream of text messages and emails. The song registration process is very simple & clears up hours of work. ”

Lucas Banker | Songwriter (Diplo, Sting), Producer | A&R Director at Riptide Music

“'s audio collaboration tool helps me communicate clearly with clients and collaborators thanks to the timestamped feedback, voice notes and project management tools.”

Fabio Lendrum | Musician, Producer, Founder at Noize London

“Collaboration is the key to success in music and boombox makes it easy from beginning to end.”

Lukas Ray | Musician, Producer, Founder of musicbylukas

“With boombox I'm able to easily share files, feedback, and tasks with my clients, all on a user friendly interface with a great in-browser player!”

Matt Kolb | Mixing & Mastering Engineer

“Assigning tasks to collaborators and exchanging feedback on any aspect of the production has never been easier. I never knew how much better an audio file collaboration tool could make my work.”

Stuart Hetzler | Audio Engineer, Instrumentalist

“I have always used Dropbox and WeTransfer to send files to clients but I like having one platform that is dedicated to my musical projects.”

Lloyd Miller | Music Producer

“The platform makes it easy to collaborate and share among everyone involved in the project, and it's great for accessing everything while mobile as well.”

Sean Gill | Music Producer, Guitar Teacher

Our goal with boombox is to create an all-in-one platform that makes the entire process of music production simpler and more organized. From concept and collaboration, all the way through to distribution and monetization. Say goodbye to the old music business. Amplify your work.

Coming Soon

Stick with us, give feedback along the way and we'll create something together that takes this industry we all love to a new level.

Live sessions, from anywhere

Sometimes it's easier to just hop on a video call, right? Soon, boombox will offer the ability to launch a live video session with your collaborators. Even better, we've got some ideas in the chamber on how to make that video call a little more conducive to music making. Uh huh, that is purposefully vague. Stay tuned!

Connect with other pros you should know

Broaden your horizons. This is going to be a different kind of social network. A place to connect with new, professional music makers, without having to read your crazy uncle’s political rants.

Dead-simple distribution

When we say we’re aiming for “all-in-one”, we mean it. Don’t hop over to a different tool to distribute your music. Soon, we’ll offer a way for you to do it directly from boombox, and we will never charge a royalty percentage. Just a simple, fixed monthly cost.

Amplify Your Work.

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