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Cloud storage & collaboration tools for music makers.

Boombox has everything producers and musicians need to work together remotely. Store, collab and share from anywhere.

Mix feedback has never been easier.

The days of communicating through long email chains and text threads are over. Select a specific time stamp or an entire region of an audio file to comment on. Comment with voice memos or written text.

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Simple file versioning for your mixes

Ever just lose an old bounce of a mix? The worst. boombox offers simple file versioning so you can organize your mixes chronologically. Easily pull up old feedback or download a previous mix any time.

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4gb storage

Audio file storage built for musicians.

Get 4GB of storage free on sign up. Boombox offers enough space to house those big WAV files, simple playback & playlist features so you can listen anywhere, and automatic version history on lyric & audio files.

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Store, backup & share audio on a platform actually built for it.

Big tech doesn’t pay much attention to music makers. That's why most of these tools are missing obvious features that would make your work that much simpler. Boombox offers everything they do, but we've designed it specifically for music makers.

Time-stamped audio comments
Voice comments
Mix version history
4GB free file storage
Full audio player
iOS and Android apps
Desktop sync
Song splits generator
Playlist sharing
Project messages / chat
Task management
AI chord & lyric generator

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Find Freelance Pros To Contract

Need a vocalist? A mix engineer? Boombox Connect will allow you to find other music specialists to contract for your song.

Live Sessions

Keep the project moving. Live Sessions will allow you to launch virtual remote jam sessions with any of your collaborators.


We're hard at work on building a simple, affordable way to release your songs to all of the major DSPs. Stay tuned!