Your music, your data are precious. We’re here to protect them.

Tom Chavez

Your music, your data are precious and important to you. We will never lay claim to it, monetize it, share it, now or in the future. We are trusted fiduciaries and stewards of your intellectual property, which is why we've built a fireproof application with enterprise-grade security to make your music safer than ever before.

Our commitment to you, and to this industry we love, is to protect your music from anyone who would lay claim to it in any way without your permission.

Founder & CEO, Tom Chavez

Some things you may not know

Early committers to Ethical Tech Project

Our CEO is the Founder of the Ethical Tech Project. Our leadership team has taken the pledge as early committers.

Enterprise-grade security

Our infrastructure is built with security from the studs up. We store your files with top-tier encryption in multiple data centers with ‘six nines’ (99.9999%) availability. This means that our system is fully operational 99.9999% of the time, with an average of less than 6 minutes of downtime per year. Your files are bulletproof and safe with Boombox.

Backed by forerunner & super{set}

Our lead investors were early backers of creator brands like and They share our commitment to creators and the ethical handling of their data.

Common questions on Boombox’s privacy & security

Guitar Player

Will you support our mission?

Founded by former musicians turned tech pros, our team understands the importance of ownership over your art. We all have stories about sending stems for a session only to be cut out of a split before release, or clients running away with an mp3 and not paying for the mastered WAV file – an the list goes on. We’re building a system that simplifies the music production process, while safeguarding against scenarios like these.

Big tech companies have ignored our needs as music makers for too long. It’s our ambition to build something game-changing for this industry, while honoring your privacy and creativity always.

This is our mission. We hope you’ll join us in helping make it a reality.