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If you’re a music producer, especially one who needs to collaborate remotely, you’re probably familiar with Splice Studio. Since it launched in 2014, it was a go-to for remote collaboration and file storage amongst music makers.

Last week, Splice announced that they have decided to sunset the free “Studio” collaboration feature in order to focus on other aspects of their business.

Well folks, time for some horn-tooting. If you were a user of Splice Studio and disappointed by the announcement, look no further for your replacement. Boombox’s mission is to be an all-in-one workflow tool for music makers, from concept & collaboration all the way through to distribution & monetization. That dream will take us years to build. For now, our core focus has been building out our collaboration tool set, which includes everything Splice Studio offered and more. Oh yea, that’s right. MORE.

What was Splice Studio?

splice studio alternatives

Alright, let’s talk a little about what Splice Studio was and how it worked.

Splice Studio was a pretty cool little cloud-based platform that was built to help musicians collaborate remotely. They offered useful collaboration tools that allow users to share projects and communicate with their collaborators in real time. You could store project files, leave comments, make real-time edits, and chat with each other within the platform.

They also offered version control so collaborators could easily keep track of changes made by different artists throughout the production process. This ensured that everyone involved in a project had access to the most up-to-date version at all times.

Splice Studio has really been a great tool for musicians looking to collaborate remotely on music projects. But alas, it’s soon coming to an end, and the need for a solid alternative is officially real.

Boombox, an Alternative to Splice Studio

Like I mentioned before, Boombox is new to the music tech scene with some big plans in store. Already, we’re offering an alternative to Splice Studio that brings even more detail and functionality to the table.

Shared Features

While we have built in some additional features compared to Splice Studio (and plan to roll out many, many more), it still shares many of the same core functionalities for remote music collaboration:

Cloud-Based Platform
Both Splice Studio and Boombox are cloud-based platforms, meaning all work is saved to the cloud rather than locally on your computer. This makes it easy for collaborators to access and work on projects from anywhere in the world.

Collaboration Tools
Both platforms offer powerful collaboration tools that allow multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. Users can add collaborators, store mixes sand stems, leave comments on audio files, and chat with each other within the platform.

Version Control
Both platforms offer version control so collaborators can easily keep track of changes made by different team members throughout the production process.

Back Up and Sync Your DAW Files & Project Folders 
Boombox allows seamless backup and sharing of any DAW project file. That means you can store not only your stems, and bounces, but also the DAW project file. That means any time you update your mix in your DAW, your collaborators will be able to see the updates you made.

Why Choose Boombox?

While we do share some similarities, there are some big improvements we’re baking into Boombox.

Work on the Go
Boombox has an app for both iOS and Android so you can collaborate anywhere you go. That means you can play your audio files on any system, anywhere in the world (with an internet connection, of course). It also means collaboration won’t require you sitting at your workstation.

Song Splits / Contracts
Boombox also currently offers song splits and legally-legit contracts for completed songs. No more hiring expensive attorneys or using dubious online templates to lock in song ownership. We offer a super simple tool to build splits and then push them to a contract that anyone can sign with just a few clicks.

Create & Share Playlists 
Boombox users are also able to create their own playlists within the app and make them sharable with anybody they want. Think of something like Spotify’s playlist building functionality, but for tracks you haven’t released yet.

Boombox Sync for MacOS 
Automatically sync and backup projects from your mac’s desktop to your boombox account. This feature offers some peace-of-mind with regard to backing up your files. It also makes it easier to sync updates you’ve made to your mixes to boombox immediately.

All-In-One Platform (we’re working on it, guys)
With Boombox, our mission is to craft an all-in-one platform that facilitates the entire process of music production. From brainstorming songs and collaboration ideas to distribution and monetization, we strive to make it easier than ever before with just one simple solution.

Bottom Line?

If you’re used to using Splice Studio as your go-to collaboration tool, then we hope you’ll give Boombox a shot. Just like Splice Studio, Boombox gives you the same ability to create projects, store cloud files, add collaborators from anywhere in the world, and have access to automatic version history on lyric & audio files.

Stick with us, it’s just going to keep getting cooler.