Ever feel like you’re just one killer plugin, ai tool, or music producer website away from launching your beats into the stratosphere? You’re not alone – we’ve all been there. But guess what? Your next game-changing move might just be a click away. In this blog, we’ll bust open the digital doors to your future sonic masterpieces.

This isn’t just about finding the next cool synth or the slickest compressor; we’re talking about next-level, AI-assisted tools that’ll transform your workflow from a steady stream into a roaring rapid of creativity. So buckle up and prepare to embark on a journey through the cyber-landscape of music production, where innovation and inspiration are free for the taking.

And don’t forget that Boombox is giving away $500 worth of studio gear every single month! All you have to do is leave a quick comment on the video with what you hope AI might help you with in the near future. It doesn’t even have to be about music. You could be our next lucky winner!

That said, let’s get into the details.

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FADR – Top Music Producer Websites

Now, we’ve seen a few of these on the market. This is a site where you can upload your music, and it will generate lots of different stems for you. The AI technology will separate any song into its unique, individual parts.

In our example, it split our original sample into four separate stems that we can listen to solo. We know they’re not exactly perfect, but they give you some really good insight into what’s going on. This is another great resource for those of us that used to have a hard time finding acapella tracks that just weren’t available by regular means.

SAMPLETTE – Top Music Producer Websites

If you’re into hip-hop or just really love sampling, Samplette is a site that will generate for you very random, likely unknown songs. It even has a great filter system which Fabio will get into.

The first sample we found was perfect for hip-hop. But if you want to get a bit more specific, you can filter by genre too, and even by country. In our example, we searched for “Funk/Soul” and for country we selected “Japan” and then hit Shuffle. All in all, this is another fantastic resource for inspiration that you can use to sample in your own recordings.

ANALOG OBSESSION – Top Music Producer Sites

Have an obsession with analog sound? Look no further than Analog Obsession. They’re a plugin developer putting out all sorts of incredible analog plugins absolutely free. They have a Patreon so you can donate of course (and you definitely should if you use a lot of their plugins anyway).

There are lots of emulations to choose from (compressors, Neves, SSLs, Pultecs, etc.), and they all sound pretty good! So you can definitely get your hands on a ton of analog-sounding plugins that’ll cost you nothing.

One of Fabio’s favorite EQs is the SSQ Solid State Equalizer based on the SSL console. We’d recommend starting with this one if you’re looking for something in the EQ realm.


We know, another shameless self-promo. But hey, can you blame us?

Boombox is an amazing new music collaboration platform that you can use to share and collaborate on your music. You begin by starting a new project, naming it, and then you can select certain files or drag and drop. While it’s busy downloading, you can select the Collaborators tab and invite your fav collaborators. Then you can select a role (Admin, Editor, Commenter).

A great part of Boombox is the ability to quickly listen through the track, and then when you want, you can leave a time-stamped comment with notes or suggestions. And for those that’d rather not have to communicate everything via text, you can leave a time-stamped voice memo as well! The main idea is to not have to leave the app, leaving you more focused and less distracted by other programs.


What this site does is it allows you to record your own voice and then change that into an instrument. First, you’ll record your voice. It auto-tunes it, and then gives you a selection of instruments that you can transform it into (flute, violin, trumpet, etc.).

It actually does a pretty decent job, even if you’re not the greatest vocalist.


We all know Reddit, and most of us don’t consider it among music producer websites, but on there is an incredible list that someone’s created on every single free plugin that’d actually be quite useful for mixing.

Not only has this person curated this list, but it’s been conveniently sorted out into different categories. For instance, distortion and (pre)amp, stereo imaging and panning, lofi and tape, analyzer, etc.

Quick piece of advice? Don’t download a bunch at once. Try some of them one at a time and see how they might work out for you. Learn one and see if it’s worth it before downloading another. Otherwise, you’ll suddenly have a ton of new software on your hands with no real idea how to use any of it.


By now, many of you are probably pretty familiar with this. And you’re probably wondering, how on earth can ChatGPT help me with music production?

Let us explain. In our first example, Fabio enters the prompt, “Find me 3 unknown songs that feature flute solos.” Unfortunately on this first try, ChatGTP really shit the bed. Every example they provided was flute-less.

OK then. Revised prompt: “Find me 5 songs that aren’t well-known that will be suitable to sample for a hip-hop record that no one has used in the past.” This time, it provided a usable track, Menahan Street Band’s “Queens Highway.” Finally, some inspiration.

Fabio takes the sample, throws it into Logic, cuts it up, and makes a little loop. Added some hats, a kick, and produced a finished track (take a listen. It’s pretty cool).

You can also ask GPT things like “What are the 5 best plugins for saturation?” or “Show me some tutorials on how to make trap drums.” Essentially, you can use it as a refined search engine. Plus, the better we get at our prompts as musicians, producers, or songwriters, the better results it will deliver, and the more it’ll be able to assist us in the creative process.