In the tough world of music production, where aspiring artists pop up faster than a bass drop at an EDM fest, a staggering 90% don’t usually make the cut. But you might be asking yourself why most music artists fail. This week, we’ll plunge headfirst into the chaos and pull out the very reasons that keep some of these aspiring hitmakers from ascending the charts. So grab your backstage pass as we dissect the marketing intricacies behind those who dream of basking in the neon glow of music stardom.

MusicbyLUKAS will take us on this week’s journey to give us a little insight on music marketing trends that make or break new artists every day.

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Spotify is no longer where music starts trending.

Want to hype up your music? Stop looking at Spotify and start looking at Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other popular social media channels.

A lot of artists haven’t seemed to grasp this one yet. They’re still releasing their music on Spotify first, hoping it will gain traction that way. But the issue is that if someone is listening to your track there for the first time, then usually it’s already finished.

The secret here is to hype up your track(s) on social media first before your finished track ever comes out. Hell, some artists are only releasing their music on their socials. For some, this has led to large followings and even opportunities like booking tours.

You want to start bringing your audience into your track-making process. Show them the early stages of how your new music is coming together, and find ways to involve them. Share clips of your songs as they’re being created and see how it drives excitement and lots of hype. Clips can start trending, and other creators may even use them in their own content. People will click on the audio to see who the original creator was, then they might start following you, etc.

You build up all of this hype so that by the time you’re ready to drop it on Spotify, you’ll have followers virtually begging you to release a track. This hype can even lead to collaborations or record deals with a major label. This kind of hype can give you a lot of possibilities.

The story behind the song is as important as the song itself.

This is a big one, and sometimes (believe it or not), the story can be even more important than the song. When your audience is emotionally invested, they feel more attached to your song and to your success as an artist. Authenticity is key.

Take your fans behind the scenes with tidbits about how you came to write the song, who you worked with, what the experience was like, what your inspiration was, etc.

And how you share your story certainly varies based on your brand as an artist. For example, if your personality leans toward humor, you may want to try something on the funny/silly side. For introverts, you could try something more moody or even just a “fly on the wall” deal where people can watch you record certain parts of your track behind the scenes.

We’re actually curious what your personalities are like! Are you extroverted/introverted? Do you only play a certain instrument? Does humor play a role? How does your personality inspire you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and Lukas will leave you some personalized feedback and tips on how to effectively market your music on your socials.

Get out of your comfort zone.

This idea sounds pretty simple, we know. But it can often be the hardest to accomplish. If you’re just starting out, you might have those ever-present moments of Imposter Syndrome. You might think no one will take you seriously or might think you’re a fraud.

But, the more work you put out there, the less those anxieties will affect your brand, image, and confidence. People who get you will start to catch on, and then you’ll see that your work and persistence can pay off in a big way. The more you show yourself off to the world, the more comfortable you’ll be showing the world all that you have to offer.

The more comfortable you are, the easier it’ll be to see your true self, which helps your audience to bond and identify with you.

Bonus tips:

  1. Reference other artists’ Reels.
  2. Try different filming styles.
  3. Collaborate more! The more music collaboration you participate in, the more you can collab on content as well. That makes you part of a team, making things easier since you share responsibilities, plus less pressure to handle everything yourself.

Afraid of having your music stolen? Look, if someone wants to go through the trouble of stealing your 7-second clip and passing it off as their own, then we kind of just have to try and get past it collectively as artists. Remember, huge artists release their stuff early too. And something to remember? If someone wants to steal your music before it’s released, then they can certainly steal it after it’s released. Think of it this way: If your music is good enough to inspire theft, then you’re probably doing something right.


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