Big. News. We’ve officially launched the beta version of our artist networking platform on boombox. Here’s what we started with:

  1. Search for and direct message other boombox users. You can filter by location, genre, skills, instruments or tools. You can click through to their profile and listen to sample tracks that they’ve uploaded as well.
  2. You can publish your own profile by visiting “profile settings” under your avatar in boombox. Remember, this is a nice tool to use as a portfolio if you’re a working musician. Not just information about your specialties, but also a place to host some sample tracks of your work that you can easily share with others by sending a link to your profile page.

ICYMI: Playlists are now available for all free plans!

That’s right, here’s another way to share you music with anybody, anywhere. Just toggle over to the playlists tab inside boombox. Create a playlist and add any tracks in any order you want. Then, you can generate an open link to send to anybody you choose, or invite them by email to access the playlist.

Important note: Downloads are not available for people you share with. They can only listen!

Boombox Sample Playlist

This is fun. As most of you know, this company is largely run by either current or former musicians. We thought it would be fun to share our work with you. If you head to the playlist tab in boombox, you’ll see an invitation at the top of the page to join the “Boombox Sample Playlist”. Every song in here was written and recorded by a boombox employee, including our CEO, Tom! Go check it out 🙂

Up next:

  • Project messages – We’ll be rolling out a messaging system inside of a project for you to have quick chats with your collaborators.
  • Due dates on tasks – Soon you’ll be able to assign target dates for the tasks you’re assigning to yourself and other collaborators to keep your project on track!